Business authorization and declaration of compliance to economic and financial parameters

(non-EU citizens)

It’s up to the Chamber of Commerce to release  business authorizations (nulla osta) and declarations of compliance to economic and financial parameters for self-employed foreign nationals.

How you apply for authorization and declaration of compliance

You can obtain a certificate by presenting to the desk (Ufficio Certificazioni) the proper form  with a couple of revenue stamps, whose current value is of € 16 (art. 5 bis D.L. 43/2013), filled in and  accompanied by :

  • photocopy of an identity document in your possession  (passport or residency permit)

  • photocopy of the mandate (original to be checked),  in case the request is presented by  a counselor(1)

  • deposit receipt for the sum of € 5 (each certificate) for dues to postal current account nr. 114355 headed to “Camera di Commercio di Padova”

(1)In case the non-EU citizen is represented by a counselor, a by notarial  deed executed mandate must be exhibited. Should the mandate have been  drafted abroad, a certified translation to Italian and the signature of the person concerned authenticated at the competent Embassy or Consulate are required.

Attention Please:

You must apply to the Police instead of the Chamber of Commerce in the following cases:

  • consultant, professional, cooperation, associate member (activities can not be registered at the register of companies);

  • freelance work as a member of a cooperative or existing company. 

Professionals (architects, doctors, etc.) recorded in professional should contact the police headquarters and the competent professional body to get the go-ahead.

That have validity?

The certificate and the go-ahead are valid for three months from the date of issue.

Release times

The issue of the authorization and attestation of financial parameters is made within 10 working days of the submission of the application.


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