Lists of corporations and limited liability companies with balance sheet indicators

Balance sheet indicators

We can extract lists of Italian companies that are required to deposit their financial statements in Business Register of the Italian Chambers of Commerce (Corporations and Limited Companies). The lists extracted include the  names of the companies and their main indicators (Turnover, ROI, ROE, etc.).

The lists can be selected by geographical area, but also by activity codes (NACE code), number of employees, revenue class, etc.) and each list may contain no more than 500 companies.

The following selection parameters can be used to narrow your target:

  • Location (region, province, city where the company has its registered office o the whole of Italy)
  • Legal form (corporation or limited liability company)
  • Main activity of the company (up to the fourth digit of the NACE code of activities)
  • Number of Employees (for classes of employees)
  • Total assets
  • Turnover
  • Value of the main indicators (ROE, ROI, Equity ratio, coverage ratio of fixed assets, immediate liquidity, etc.).

What you get from the research?

For each corporation/company a maximum of ten of the following items can be provided: 

  • INCOME: Turnover, Added Value, EBITDA, EBIT, net income, ROI, ROE
  • BALANCE SHEET: Assets: Fixed assets, Inventories, Credits, Cash and cash equivalents, Total Assets;
  • LIABILITIES: Equity, Consolidated Liabilities, Current liabilities, Total liabilities, Financial independence, coverage ratio of fixed assets , acid test


The lists have the following cost: fixed fee € 20.00 + € 0.48 per company name (+ VAT).

How can I ask for a list of corporations and limited liability companies (Ltd) with balance sheet indicators?

    1. Send an email to: .  We will send a quote, estimating  the exact cost.
    2. The quote will be valid for 10 days (i.e. it should be accepted within 10 days, otherwise it will expire).
    3. To accept the quote, please send the receipt of payment (bank transfer or paypal). 

  • Bank details:
    • Swift: IBSPIT2P      
    • IBAN: IT09 M062 2512 1861 0000 0046 995  
    • We sill send the list as soon as the amount has been credited to our account.
    • The lists will be sent by email in CSV format  (MS Excel compatible)

    NACE Codes

    English NACE codes 

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