Competition for the creation of artistic works for the promotion of the Noventa Padovana Commerce District

The Chamber of Commerce of Padova, in cooperation with the Municipality of Noventa Padovana organizes  two competitions, one for the creation (concept and execution) of street art masterpieces on one water tank and some benches situated in a public park and one on the outer part of a transformer room.

Noventa Padovana is a Municipality in the Province of Padova and it is located about 7 kilometres east of Padova.

The Call is open for any street artists, regardless of their nationality.

The objectives of the project are urban regeneration of the involved town and improvement of the quality of  public and shared spaces. The winners of this competition will be entrusted with the execution of the work, with the responsibility of carrying the task out within 29th october 2021.
The Chamber of Commerce of Padova will grant the selected artists a prize of 3.500 euros for decoration of the tank and the benches and a prize of 3.500 euros for the decoration of the transformer room.

Artists can participate individually or in groups.

The application, the sketches and the report of the project memorized in a digital record tool (cd, dvd, usb flash drive) must be sent by  ordinary email or courier to: Chamber of Commerce of Padova - Piazza Insurrezione 1/A - 35137 Padova -  before september 15, 2021, at 12:00.

The artists participating in the competition are fully responsible for the originality of the projects presented.

See the photo gallery of the locations in the "contenuti correlati" section.

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